Hotel Room Balloon Decor Order Inquiry Form

Orders placed with less than a 4 day notice may be subject to a $10-20 rush fee. To ensure balloons look their best for the recipient, we strongly recommend you schedule delivery/pick-up for the day of the celebration.
Delivery fee determined by mileage and order size. **Increases in fuel costs will be reflected in these charges.
We will do our best to accomodate your selection, but delivery and pickup times may vary.
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NOTE due to an international helium shortage prices have drastically increased and continue to do so.
All helium latex balloons are treated with Hi-Float to achieve a longer float time.
Please note: Decal fonts will vary and are chosen based on recipient, age, etc.
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Please note this is an estimate and does not include sales tax.
Thank you for your request! We will begin planning your gift balloons soon and contact you with a price estimate. Once approved, you will receive an invoice via email. Please note: your order has NOT been placed until payment has been received.